If No Place​.​.​.​.​.

by Straight Line Arrival

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Recorded in Red Dot Recording by Tyler Pilot.
This is the first full band release by Straight Line Arrival.


released May 5, 2017

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Pilot at Red Dot Recording in Bismarck, ND
Drums played by Tyler Pilot on all tracks but "I Just Want My Sweatshirt Back" which is done by Jordaxn Kidwell
Bass played by Sky Freolich
Synths and piano played by Tyler Pilot

I would like to thank Tyler Pilot for helping me make this. None of this would have been possible without you. I would also like to thank Sky Freolich and Jordaxn Kidwell for your contributions to this album. Thanks also go to Jesse from Days n Daze for letting me open, Richard Loewen and Alexander Thompson for booking me shows. Thanks to all my internet friends from the DIY Folk Punk page for supporting me. Thanks to my supportive girlfriend Christiana and thanks to every neighbor I have ever had that didn't call the cops when I was playing in my bedroom. Thanks Dad for buying me my first guitar when I was twelve. And thanks Grandma for buying me all those punk albums I wanted when I was ten. Thanks Dee Kurti for always coming through with physical copies and Fargo shows for me. Most of all thank you, whoever you are that is listening to this album. This album is for you. And last but not least I would like to thank my Lord and savior Jack Daniels.
-Sky Husebye-



all rights reserved
Track Name: P.A.W.S.
Sometimes I don't like a single song I write
and I think about giving up more often than I'd like.
Because I'm not folk punk. I just don't have friends
with enough ambition or instruments to start a real band.
There's better artists with better stories.
I'm getting attention that's not meant for me.
Some of them can play guitar. Some of them can actually sing
and compared to any of them I'm practically nothing.

Sometimes I find myself wishing I anyone else,
wondering if anyone feels all the ways I've felt.
It's never been easy, sometimes it hurts like hell
but you got to get to higher ground just to see how far you once fell.
Looking back on how far I've come sometimes it's hard not to smile.
When it's bad, it's bad. But when when it's good it's worth it for a while.
I can find value in all these words I sing.
They're all I have that really mean something.
Track Name: I Don't Got Money, I Got Friends
It's summer it's storming too much
and I'm doing nothing but changing the scenery.
Slowly losing my touch,
spending too much time enjoying the greenery.

And I don't got money, I got friends.
I don't got money, I got friends.
We're all headed our own way to the same dead ends.
I don't got money, I got friends.

If you've got time to breathe, you've got time to dance.
And if you've got time to dance, you've got time to die.
And my friends won't stop making out on my couch.
We're flying through Rosser with our eyes closed.
And if you've got time to listen, then you've got time to speak.
And if you've got time to speak, you've got time to ask why
we've got time to waste and money to burn
and a bunch of lessons we will never learn
Track Name: Of Floods
Let the water come to our doorsteps
Just to see the demons it will wash away
My friends say the dreams I'm having
are my soul screaming I've lost control
I've lost control

there's not a single wall you can build
that will keep me out when I rush in
I'm rushing in

Let the fire burn down our bridges
the water is too wide to cross anyways
and while I don't believe my dreams have meanings
maybe they do have something to say
something to say
Track Name: I Just Want My Sweatshirt Back
I hope your wallet makes you smile
I hope your stomach makes you sick
I hope one day you look back an realize
None of this was worth it
One of these days
In one of your hotel beds
You'll be laying there
With years of regrets

A long distance phone call
A dramatic exit
"You didn't do this for us"

I don't miss you at all
Cause the person to miss does not exist
I asked for your heart
But I never asked for this
Could've been such a long ride down to Texas
Track Name: No Place
I gave up on this town long before I realized it wasn't safe
for anyone or anything that had plans on staying sane
I gave up on my friends but long after everyone else did
I gave up on life found a home to call my own and hid
I went from shooting dope
to spending all my evenings alone
it's pretty much the same thing
I just die a little less everyday

My friends will kill me before nicotine ever can
its it's type of cancer I assure you
the police can't knock down the door to my home
if no place feels like home in the first place

I gave up on thinking things would get better
because we all are addicted to what hurts the most
I gave up on you long before it was done and though
and when I'm gone will I even leave a ghost
I went from having optimism
to being drained of all my hope
and I'm leaving yeah I'm leaving
to try and find myself a home

My friends will kill me before nicotine ever can
its it's type of cancer I assure you
the police can't knock down the door to my home
if no place feels like home in the first place

La-da-da La-da-da La-da-da-da-da-da-da